Residential Services

PAFACOM, Inc. operates 12 residences for persons with developmental disabilities. Each of these homes is licensed by the state of New Jersey and operate in accordance with the Standards for Community Residences for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities, N.J.A.C. 10:44A. Our homes are located throughout Cumberland, Salem, Atlantic, Gloucester and Camden counties.

Our community residential programs are designed to assist the residents to become fully integrated into their community. We do this by providing training, in a comfortable living environment, to partake in normal living activities, such as: cooking, budgeting, household chores, shopping, planning and taking trips and social events both in and out of the home, and banking. The sizes of our homes vary from 2-8 persons.

All of the PAFACOM, Inc. homes exist within beautiful, rural neighborhoods and submit to the highest of standards in terms of upkeep and maintenance.