Day Programs

PAFACOM, Inc. provides Day Programming Services at our two locations in Vineland, NJ. Our Day Programs are operated in accordance with the Division of Developmental Disabilities’ Supports Program manual.

Adults who attend our day programs may choose to participate in a variety of programs and services:

Community Programming 
The community groups participate in community-based, educational activities as well as facility programming such as arts and crafts, learning exercises, adult daily living skills, goal setting and planning and more.

The Seniors Program
The Seniors Program was developed in response to many of our existing program participants who wanted to continue in a day program, at a slightly relaxed pace. They partake in adult daily living skills, individualized arts and crafts, and do fun projects aimed at improving socialization.

Life Skills
The Life Skills groups are designed for persons who need a higher level of specialized help and care in most aspects of daily living. These groups review everyday living activities, like how to attain good hygiene skills, effective skills for community interaction, healthy eating and communication. The Life Skills groups enjoy social activities provided by the Training Center staff and like to display some of their arts and crafts.

The Budding Chef’s Café
The Café is a cafeteria lunch program that provides lunch to program attendants as well as to staff. Persons interested in working as part of the Budding Chef’s get excellent training and experience in a food service setting. They learn safe handling of food, portion control, use of the register, sanitary provisions and scheduling.

The Victorian Rose
The Victorian Rose is not a program, per se, but a beauty salon within the Day Program that may be used by anyone who attends the Day Program, whenever staffing is available.

The Document Destruction Program
The recycling program provides document destruction services for both community businesses and individuals. This program provides vocational training and those who participate are compensated the minimum wage, as well as, receive valuable work experience.