Organizational Governance

PAFACOM’s Board of Trustees is comprised of hard-working and dedicated community members, related professionals, and parents/family members of those we serve. As indicated in the by-laws, there are (5) requirements with which all members must maintain compliance:

  1. Board members’ names, affiliations, and potential conflicts of interest be disclosed and made publicly available on the agency website (see below);
  2. Board members must be independent and may not be related to any staff member of the agency, nor may a board member be related to another active board member;
  3. Board members must recuse themselves from any discussion or decision-making in which they may have a financial or personal interest that is incompatible with the proper discharge of their duties;
  4. The Board of Trustees must meet no fewer than (4) times per year, and must maintain and be able to produce, if requested, complete minutes including an agenda for all meetings; and
  5. The Board of Trustees must comply with any request for information or audits by relevant entities; and, the members review all agency financial audit reports.

Current Board Members:

  • V. Monique Watley, President
  • Suzanne Olah, Secretary & Treasurer
  • Stephanie Berridge, Member
  • Sandy Langan, Member
  • Allison Kostiuk, Member
  • Linda Ganassi, Member
  • Michelle Vernamonti, Chief Executive Officer